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The Buddha in Your Mirror (Italian) - 2010 Edition
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The Buddha in Your Mirror (Italian) - 2010 Edition

Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self

Price: € 9.00 € 7.50
Author: Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, Ted Morino
Editor: Esperia Edizioni
Year of publication: 2005 - Second Edition: 2010
Year of reprint: 2012
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9788895403403
Article code: 9788895403403
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New edition with renewed grafic!!
This book reveals the most modern, effective and practical way to achieve what is called enlightenment or Buddhahood just as you are, without changing the way you look, eat, or live. Based on the the Japanese religious reformer Nichiren's centuries-old teaching, this method has been called the "direct path" to enlightenment. One of hte most popular forms of Buddhism in the United States, it is embraced by more than 12 million people worldwide. Let's open the first page and begin the great adventure - an incredible journey of understanding and discovery that will lead you to your highest self.


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