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The Lotus Sutra (Italian Book)
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The Lotus Sutra (Italian Book)

Translation by Burton Watson

Price: 20.00 €
Editor: Esperia Edizioni
Year of publication: 1998
Pages: 560
ISBN: 9788867950133
Article code: 9788867950133
Availability: Excellent

This new translation of the most important scripture in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition has a special value. Translation by Burton Watson from Kumarajiva’s Chinese version.
Since its appearance in China in the third century, the Lotus Sutra has been regarded as one of the most illustrious scriptures in the Mahayana Buddhist canon. The object of intense veneration among generations of Buddhists in China, Korea, Japan and other parts of East Asia, it has attracted more commentary than any other Buddhist scripture and has had a profound impact on the great works of Japanese and Chinese literature.
The entire text of Shakyamuni’s highest teaching, which forms the basis of our daily practice of NIchiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, was conceived as a drama of colossal proportions. Burton Watson’s translation provides readers with a clear understanding of this profoundest of works.

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